How To Use Pinterest Correctly To Increase Sales AND Increase Traffic

Promoting business through social media is becoming an increasingly difficult process. Entrepreneurs should take into account the ever-increasing competition and therefore leave an increasing part of the money and time for this type of advertising. But, if you work correctly, the result will not be long in coming.

Where to start? Try to approach the promotion in a new way and use all possible channels for communication with the audience. One of these is Pinterest. Many businesses do not consider this site and do not work with it, but in vain. It is on it that you can popularize your goods and services to a prepared audience. After all, they are not looking for communication here, they come here for inspiration.

If in the language of numbers, then research shows that Pinterest, and not the seemingly more popular Facebook, attracts a greater stream to sites that sell. More than 83% of Pinterest users bought from brands whose ads were shown on the platform. And as many as 72% of users of this network claim that it is Pinterest that is inspired to make even unplanned purchases.
How does the platform work?
Here the information is transmitted by means of pins. These are images with some messages that have a name, a short description, as well as a link to the site. All of them are saved on boards. In fact, the latter are your peculiar collections on one topic. Different users can subscribe to them.

For example, a pastry chef who creates a board on the platform with different cake designs, types of muffins and pies. This board can be subscribed to by people who are also interested in the topic of baking.
When you share a certain pin, it will appear in the feed of your followers. But not just them. Thanks to the description, the pin can pull into the ribbons of people who are also interested in such a topic.
Pin can be reposted. The more shares, the more opportunities to reach a good audience.

Let’s imagine how business is popularized on this platform:
A certain user liked your pin and fixes it in his profile. After the pin, another 20 people are reposted. Time passes, and the information you wanted to convey is viewed by hundreds of users. It is Pinterest that “works” not only fresh posts. On the contrary, here your pin can gain popularity within a month or even a whole year. In fact, this is the only social network that offers such an opportunity. That is why the platform cannot be ignored when advertising a business.
Consider the benefits of Pinterest

– The date is practically irrelevant. The main thing here is information and a beautiful picture.

– Here you can find interested people who value aesthetics and visuals the most.

– The tape works here so that it displays the results that may interest you. In fact, your interests remember and show what you might like.

– You can find what you need from the photo thanks to Pinterest Lens.

– By linking your site, you can realize commercial goals.

How do I make an account for business?

1) When registering with Pinterest, select the “Create a business account” item.

2) Fill in the necessary information, it is advisable to add the company logo.

3) Enter the area you are working in.

4) And start creating. The first pin can inform both about your business and immediately show a certain product of yours.

Increasing traffic
Here are some recommendations to help you popularise your product by making quality pins. Unconditionally, in Pinterest, the most important are the images. But, not only a good visual is needed.

As on other platforms, hashtags can attract an audience, bring your pin to popular ones. You can put even 30 hashtags, but the amount here does not mean quality. We advise you to limit yourself to 2-4 well-thought-out hashtags that will transmit the necessary information about the product. Try to consider the interests of the audience. For example, a hashtag # mybreakfast is unlikely to be of interest, but # propereating is likely to attract users.

More details
Pins with details can optimize sales several times. There are 4 types of detailed pins:
1) Appendix. Thanks to this pin, the user, if he wants, can immediately start installing a certain application. Here it is better to talk about the possibilities of the program, and use graphics as a visual.
2) Goods. Everything is simple here, the main information about the offer is contained here: price, description, availability and even a link to the website.
3) Recipe. Culinary inspiration is very popular on the platform. In such a pin, you can place the recipe of the dish, clearly describing not only the actions themselves, but also, for example, the ingredients that you sell. In this case, remember to add a link to your item.
4) Article. This detailed pin can use the media to popularize its material. Here you need to add a title, a brief description and enter the author of the article.
This section is best viewed at least once a month. After all, it is in this way that you can be inspired to create your own content. Assess what is popular now, as other users submit information. So you will see that it works exactly well and, most likely, will transfer a useful experience.

Advertising pins
They are no different from the usual standard pins. But their coverage will be much higher.
If you offer a product, complementing it with beautiful visualization, a loyal audience will go to the site and make a purchase. Interaction with pin will grow.

For example, a guy is going to buy sports sneakers, and you are just selling just such shoes. Your pin may be highlighted in the search by an add-on.

You can also focus on geography in order to attract people from the provided area. True, such targeting will be more difficult, because this opportunity is not available to all countries. As an exit, we suggest working with the application and running ads through it using VPN.

Hold the audience
It’s best to start by making at least 4-9 pins a day. Yes, this is a difficult and painstaking job, but it can pay off with loyal customers. We recommend starting with pins that tell about the brand, focused on it.

Get ready to spend several hours each week planning posts at Pinterest. Life hack to save time – use the pin planning toolbar.

Feedback should be an important part of working with the audience. How to do this? If someone comments on your pins or reposts them, for example, do the same in response.

Pin It
This is an opportunity for users not to visit the platform every time, but to attach the products that interest them immediately from your site. Just post a plugin with the same name on the site. If you do, when you click on the images, the required button will appear. So pins will gain even faster popularity among folowers.

High-quality visual – the basis of success
It is best to direct most of the forces immediately to create a good photo and video. This is the most important thing in Pinterest. We recommend that you use the 700×1200 extension and stop at the vertical format. After all, most users view the feed of this platform from mobile phones. But attention to the visual does not mean that you can forget about everything else. No, the catchy header is just as important in attracting new users.

Another tip – do not be afraid to fill out your page as much as possible. Unlike other networks, this will not alienate possible buyers from your content, because on this platform the main mechanism is on-demand search.
If you follow all the advice, the return for business from Pinterest will not be long in coming. Turn the page-keeping on this platform not into a boring routine, but into a creative process, which it really is. Allow yourself to experiment and do not forget that the business page should still mainly talk about the proposed product and show it from the most profitable angle.
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