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Increase Performance At Each Stage of the Work
Organizing a successful e-commerce in the current environment is not easy. It is necessary to trace hundreds of trading platforms, contact and establish cooperation with thousands of suppliers, speak different languages and overcome daily difficulties - from logistics problems to the elementary presence of goods of interest and the relevance of prices. We will help to professionally and qualitatively establish these processes.
Conducting Studies
We analyze the reliability of each of the suppliers
Check the declared dates and availability of goods
Excluding intermediate links from deliveries
We will conduct market research
Complete SWOT analysis
We will clearly and professionally draw up a marketing strategy for one or more areas. A concrete step-by-step development plan will allow achieving not only financial goals, but create a business with a promising vision and the ability to quickly respond to all kinds of challenges.
Creation Of Marketing Programs And Sales Chains
Optimize sales
We are conducting ABC XYZ analysis
We propose marketing solutions for increasing sales
Business meetings, press conferences, presentations - effective PR and the development of the public component are very important for building a successful business. It is effective promotion that helps create the value of the final product.
Negotiation And Selection Of Promotion Tools
Individual approach
State-of-the-art tools
Conduct of negotiations
Concrete results to increase profits - we will provide effective tools and a step-by-step implementation plan.
Execution Of The Transaction
We analyze the risks
We will advise on legal nuances
We will provide the desired result
Our Goal
Offer a comprehensive solution and increase Internet sales thanks to modern technologies, operational efficiency and direct cooperation with TOP suppliers and manufacturers.
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