‘Sales Treat Everything’! How To Write A Successful Commercial Offer?

A commercial offer is an invitation to cooperation, or rather, an ordinary letter in which the addressee is offered to buy something, leave a request on the site or find out the details.
A well-written commercial offer is already half the success of any sales. And as Mark Cuban says: ‘Sales treat everything!’ If a business does not work, it does not make a profit and, as a result, fails.
An effective commercial offer can ‘reach’ any client both В2В and В2С. No matter what offer you send out – typical or individual, to a cold or hot audience, there are classic schemes for writing it. Let’s take a look at them.

Choice of audience
It is important to segment your target audience as much as possible. Having a clear understanding of who you are writing to will help you to build a detailed portrait of your target audience. This will make your text personalised and effective.
The problem of TA
What exactly is the segment of the target audience that you are addressing? This is the most important part of the job. If you misidentify the problem, your message won’t work. What ‘pain’ can your product or service solve? How will it help?

The solution
In this point, you should describe to the potential customer how your product or service will make their life easier and solve their problems.
Put yourself in your client’s shoes and find the right words to say in a sincere way. Write in short sentences, avoid templates and clichés.

Selecting a structure
There are two types of proposal structure – simple and complex.
A simple commercial offer consists of: a headline, an offerer, a description of the product/service and a narrative of the benefits to the customer, the price and its justification. This is followed by a CTA that focuses attention and prompts action. End the letter with words of respect and appreciation, not forgetting the contacts.
A complexly structured commercial proposal begins with a problem statement. Then describe how the product or service offered can be used to solve it, arguing the benefits and closing any possible objections. The letter ends with a special offer, a CTA and detailed contact information.

A simple structure is used when sending out a commercial offer to a wide and cold audience. The potential customer learns about the company, the new product, special conditions.
A complex structure is best used when you are working with a ‘hot’ and familiar audience. Preparing point offers for each narrow segment of the target audience is the most effective solution
Any advertisement, any message, is a battle for the client’s attention. In the first three seconds, when the addressee decides whether they will read your message. So it is worth taking care of the visual appeal of the letter. Even the best text can be ruined by poor layout and poor or missing illustrations. The main task of the design is not beauty, but readability and ease of perception. The design should make it easier to navigate through the text, not overwhelm it.

Subject of the letter
The subject line is a very important point in any email newsletter. Intrigue! To ensure that your hard work is not wasted and that the message is open, the subject line should attract attention and make you want to open it and find out what’s inside. You can write seriously, briefly, but to the point. You can make jokes, but within the bounds of business etiquette.
A properly organised newsletter is a separate art. A bad headline or preheader can result in your email simply not getting opened.

Marketing from HLTS Co, Ltd
Marketing research carried out by HLTS Co, Ltd on behalf of its clients and partners shows that a well-crafted quotation is often the start of a long and profitable business relationship. Segmenting the target audience and understanding the problems and ‘pains’ of potential clients becomes a crucial step in market research.
HLTS Co, Ltd will help you prepare the content of your commercial offers, think through and advise on the subject matter, and carry out the mailing. Our experts will carry out market research for your business, research your target audience and check the purity of both the partner and the deal itself.
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