Online business. How to improve the quality of customer service?

Responsiveness, empathy and the ability to build friendly relationships with your customers are attributes of a successful business and indicators of its sustainability. And if, in the not too distant past, customer service was mostly done in person or over the phone, with the advent of the Internet, everything has changed and continues to change. Online correspondence, posting information on the website, marketing on social networks - most stages of communication with customers have reached a new and modern level. How can this communication be improved? What does the catchy phrase "quality of service" mean?

So where to start? First, critically evaluate your digital resource - your website or online shop. Either do it yourself or invite the experts, HLTS Co. ltd, to help you. Implement a simple and clear navigation. Organise information into logical categories, use clear section names and add simple functionality (links and buttons) for quick navigation between pages. The site should display correctly on different devices, including mobile phones and tablets.
Implementing CRM
CRM isn't directly about customer service. It is designed for something else. Collecting and storing data, analysing and sharing information between different organisations, automating processes - this is the basis of any CRM. The ability to track and bring together different parts of the history of interaction with the customer in one place naturally allows you to identify service weaknesses, develop alternative promotional solutions, personalise advertising campaigns. CRM can also be integrated with an email system.

Chat on the website
This is a controversial point. Implementing chat on your website can improve the customer experience. But be aware that an intrusive pop-up chat window can be annoying. Therefore, the support window should open unobtrusively and disappear when the customer closes it. Offer help from an advisor or support team if a problem or question arises. Chat is appreciated by extroverts and the younger generation who are used to communicating virtually.
Fast response
Respond to customer enquiries quickly and without delay. Use automated notification systems. Send personalised emails to acknowledge receipt of the request and provide an update on its status.
If your online store receives a customer complaint or grievance, such as a delayed delivery, don't ignore it and don't get lost! Acknowledge receipt of the complaint, send an apology email to the customer, explain the reasons for the delay and offer compensation.

Simplify the checkout process
Minimise the number of steps and information customers need to provide at checkout. Minimise form filling, offer automatic data entry and provide convenient payment options.
Allow customers to check out of your online store in a few clicks without creating an account or filling out lengthy forms. Offer guest checkout with minimal required fields.

Data Analysis
Use web traffic analysis to determine which pages customers visit more often, which pages they leave more often, and where they abandon a purchase. Change your information presentation, navigation or design to improve the user experience.

Create an FAQ
This section provides customers with quick and clear answers to frequently asked questions. To create a FAQ, identify the most frequently asked questions, structure the information, and write clear and understandable answers.
Customer Experience
Proactivity, openness and empathy are key elements of good customer service. In today's digital world, where the marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive, you need to constantly work to improve the customer experience.

  • Research and analyse your customers' needs, expectations and preferences
  • Simplify the shopping and navigation process on your website or app so that customers can find the information they need and make a purchase quickly and easily.
  • Offer solutions tailored to their needs
  • Resolve issues quickly and professionally
  • Analyse feedback and make improvements to your products and services

Running a website, providing customer service and promoting products is an ongoing process and hard work. The HLTS team of marketing experts is ready to share their knowledge and experience, implement a CRM system in your company, set up a chat on your website, create an effective feedback mechanism. HLTS is a tailor-made solution for your business.
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