How to Manage Recommendations & Reviews

Recommendation-based, person-to-person advertising remains one of the most effective ways to drive sales. 75% of customers are interested in personal experiences, recommendations and purchase stories. 47% make a purchase decision based on positive service experiences with other customers.

Can you manage recommendations and reviews? Of course they can. Just look at the policies of Apple, LG, Netflix or Superhuman. How do you "turn on" word of mouth?

Recommendations are a powerful tool for online sales. Detailed descriptions, video reviews, instructions help the buyer to understand the product better. It can be a built-in review system on a seller's website or online store, reviews on social media or third party platforms.
Testimonials from loyal customers
Recommendation marketing is a free or low-cost customer acquisition channel that allows you to sell a more expensive product or service. One of the easiest ways to encourage referrals is to ask customers to share their shopping experience with their friends. 17% of loyal customers are willing to comply with such a request. It is common to use email, social media or even feedback apps to communicate.

Play on favouritism
Stand out from the crowd. No matter how you slice it, most of us want to feel unique and special. It's the basis of self-esteem. The strategy of 'playing on favouritism' aims to maintain a sense of belonging. The client gains access to something that is not available to others. This gives them a sense of self-worth and value. For example, offering to join a loyalty club that provides special bonuses, discounts and access to exclusive events or products creates a sense of belonging to a select circle. Customers who feel part of an exclusive community are more likely to share their positive experiences.

Surprise and create conversation
Unexpected pleasant surprises always evoke positive emotions and motivate customers to talk about their experience. These can be certificates or discount vouchers. If not the customers themselves, then their friends and family will be able to use such promotional offers. This will increase the number of people who may become your regular customers or clients in the future.

Give something of value
Emotions create strong bonds. Good news, an unexpected decision, joy, are usually things we want to share with others. This is another "hook" for the customer, another form of hidden endorsement. A powerful incentive can be the offer of free advertising lessons, training materials, consultations, sending product samples. This is particularly useful in cases where interaction with the purchased product requires training or the acquisition of a particular skill.

A gift is always nice, and stories about such moments become part of free advertising and PR campaigns.
Fear of missing out
The FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) effect is based on anxiety and fear of loss. No one wants to miss out on a benefit, an opportunity, a promising deal. By highlighting a limited time or quantity offer, you can motivate customers to recommend your product to their friends and family.

The reward or price of advice
Advice is a survival mechanism built into very deep parts of our brains. Rewarding advice, or more specifically recommendation, is a common marketing practice.

Very often a seller will reward not only those who recommend their product, but also those who buy it. This is how discounts and bonuses work.
Referral Exchange
Referral exchange is a powerful tool that allows you to expand your target audience by adding another company's customers to your own base. It should be profitable for both parties. Partnerships offer discounts, commissions or other forms of compensation.

Collaboration can include joint marketing campaigns, webinars or special offers for customers of both companies. It is important to monitor the effectiveness of the referral exchange strategy, analyse the results, optimise and adjust quickly.

Compulsion. When a request becomes an obligation
An offer to leave an honest review or recommendation can become an obligation if it is agreed in advance. This should be done very carefully. Explain why a particular customer's opinion is important to you. Describe how their recommendation will help those who are still thinking or doubting. You're risking trust, so make sure the customer is happy with your product or service. Interview them and ask them about their experience with the product.

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