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Video advertising, video content. We're so used to living in a world of video formats that we sometimes don't realise how straightforward the plot of the next video is to grab our attention. Using video content to promote goods and services is becoming the norm.

Now let's talk about sound. Sound? Yes, yes, that's what it's all about. Are you aware that most users browse their social media without sound? And what doesn't interest them from the very first frames, they skip over without regret. When you create a masterpiece of advertising video art, do you think about the fact that people might a) not hear it, b) not want to hear it, or c) not be able to hear it with sound? Maybe the sound can just be turned off!
Three seconds
The first three seconds of a video are crucial. Subtitles can help us quickly understand a subject, intrigue us or interest us. Our eyes instantly scan what we see and in that very short time we decide whether to watch or move on. Video SEO is therefore another valuable promotional and advertising tool.
  • Videos increase organic website traffic from search results by 157%.
  • Videos up to 2 minutes get the most engagement
  • 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching a brand video on social media.
  • 85% of Facebook users and 80% of LinkedIn users view their social media feeds with the sound off.
  • Consumers who visit an e-commerce site after watching a video are 184% more likely to make a purchase and spend 45% more.

Accessibility and maximum impact
Video transcription and captioning make video content accessible to a wider audience, including those who can't hear or prefer to watch videos with the sound off.

Textual content is easily crawled by search engines. You can easily see this by monitoring video indexing reports in Google Search Console.

If a user doesn't want to watch the entire video, they can use transcripts to review the content and understand the key points. This increases engagement, and placing internal links allows you to retain the reader by driving them back to your website.

Subtitles contain valuable keywords and phrases that are used to optimise and rank higher in search results.

Captions and other text content increase video views by 80%. In addition, captions allow search engines to crawl the content, increasing the chances that your content will be indexed. Video transcripts can also reduce your bounce rate. For search engines, this means that the content you publish is attractive to users.
How do I add captions and subtitles to my videos?
You can use Google's automatic captions. YouTube's speech recognition software creates subtitles automatically; captions are generated by artificial intelligence, so you will need to check the quality before publishing.

Dragon Naturally Speaking and Descript and oTranscribe transcription software produce good results. But be warned: finished videos should always be edited, proofread and formatted to correct inaccuracies and optimise SEO.

Choose the right video shape and size
Vertical videos (1080x1920 pixels) are ideal for Facebook and Instagram feeds and reels. 2 minutes is the gold standard for video length. After the two-minute mark, viewer engagement starts to decline. Square videos (LinkedIn and Twitter) still take up a lot of space in a user's feed - 78% more than a horizontal video! The optimal video ad length is 6-10 seconds.
An eye-catching video headline
From a design perspective, the video headline should be prominent and easy to read. And in terms of text presentation, it should be intriguing. This is the first thing a user will notice when scrolling through the news feed on their smartphone.

A question in the headline naturally creates intrigue, but only if it's not easy to answer without watching the video. Odd-numbered headlines have a 20% higher click-through rate than even-numbered headlines. The popular phrases 'here's why', 'can you guess', 'will make you' in video headlines have the highest engagement.

Engagement and effectiveness
Short videos have long been an important part of any successful marketing strategy. HLTS Co. Ltd brings together partner retailers and dropshippers on its online platform. To help them promote their goods and services, we recommend various techniques to quickly resolve business issues. One of the most important tools that allows you to see the product and learn more about it is promotional video content with subtitles. This approach allows you to effectively promote products not only on the website of HLTS CO LTD.

Visualisation and audio accompaniment have become important components of promotion in recent years. SEO decoding of videos improves engagement, as videos with captions and titles are understandable and accessible even without sound.
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