Von Restorff effect. Stand out from the crowd

1999. "The Matrix. When this cult sci-fi action film was released, many people, stunned by the film, remembered the episode with the "girl in red". In the crowd dressed in "all shades of black", only one person stands out - a blonde in a revealing dress. The sharp contrast with the monochrome clothing of the pedestrians emphasises the gap between visibility and reality. At first, the protagonist focuses all his attention on her. And makes a mistake.

We always notice something unusual, different, different from others. Objects that stand out are easier to remember. A person pays attention to everything that stands out from the crowd and remembers what is different from others. Our brains always need a point of comparison. Perhaps this is how ancient people responded to danger, instinctively highlighting the strange and unusual.

The ability of human memory to remember information and images that are as different as possible from their surroundings is called the Von Restorff effect, or the isolation effect. The greater the difference, the better the effect. Unconsciously, we use it all the time in our communication. You will immediately notice a red apple in a bunch of green apples. Highlight the bold text and that's the Von Restorff effect for you!
Vibrant design and packaging
Visual appeal is a key element in influencing consumers. Bright colours, unusual packaging shapes or unexpected design elements attract attention and are more memorable than standard solutions.

Unusual promotions
Promotions or campaigns that break the mould make consumers stop and think. It can be something unexpected or even a little shocking that leaves a vivid impression.

The concept of "What's going on?
Mystery, mystery. What's going on? People are always looking for a mystery. We pay attention to commercials that begin with an unusual situation or a mysterious moment. To an announcement that creates an atmosphere of anticipation. An unusual packaging design. A mysterious teaser can be interesting with an unusual image or abstract video. It is better to gradually reveal the "secret" of the product. You can announce the basic features and then "reveal" interesting and unique ones.
A personal touch with a unique detail
Adding personalised elements or extra bonuses to a product can make it stand out. It can be something unexpected that the customer receives in addition to the main product. If you want a product to stand out from the rest, place it next to a losing variant (on a website page or shelf).

Games and contexts
Organising games, quizzes or competitions that require participants to focus on details and highlight the unusual can attract attention. Organise a virtual quest where participants investigate the 'secret' of your product by going through different stages and solving tasks.

Organise a photo competition and invite users to share photos related to a specific product, in unusual situations or places. The best or most original photo can win a prize.

Physical features
To help users notice the buttons and links you want on your site, highlight them with a colour or font. But don't go overboard. Use colour, fonts and visual effects in moderation. Emphasise how your product is different from others on the market.

Presenting a product visually and tactilely, through its physical characteristics, shows its uniqueness, versatility and aesthetics.
Digital Marketing
Websites and marketing materials that use bright colours, unusual fonts and/or interactive elements attract attention and increase conversion rates. To increase the openability and clickability of email newsletter links, you can use the principles of the Von Restorff effect to design headlines.

Remember that what was once unique can become commonplace over time. Therefore, it is important for successful marketing to constantly look for new ways to grab your audience's attention. The Von Restorff Effect is just one tool; remember to balance originality with value.

Stand out and be remembered
When developing a marketing strategy, it is important to consider the psychology of the user. True creativity always attracts attention and is remembered by potential customers. Standing out and being remembered is the goal of every company. The experience of cooperation and promotion of HLTS Co. ltd. partners in global markets allows us to create effective programmes for promotion of goods on global platforms. HLTS develops unique promotion scenarios for our clients' businesses based on known cognitive distortions: we launch retargeting, combine social networks and advertising in media networks, conduct A/B tests.
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