What does a client not want to see in their mailbox?

What kind of 'masterpieces' don't end up in our mailboxes! You'll receive 7 similar letters in one day, telling you how much you'll lose if you don't buy the goods on offer. We will also be reminded of Black Friday in one of these letters, but half a year before the event. And a colourful letter received today will tell us about discounts and promotions that ended a week ago.

Writing a letter that will not only be opened, but read and responded to, is an art. Mass mailings and impersonal letters are a thing of the past. Personalisation and individual approach are the basis of competitive marketing today.
Spam, phishing
Intrusive, unwanted information or advertising that has nothing to do with the interests or requests of the recipient is annoying and certainly not productive. Spam has nothing to do with email newsletters. Think about your name, your company's reputation and respect your customer. Put yourself in their shoes. Nobody likes to have their inbox filled with unnecessary and irrelevant information.

And of course, phishing and any manipulation to obtain personal or financial information is unacceptable.

Intrusive advertising
Email marketing is an internet marketing tool that allows you to communicate directly with your customers. Its purpose is not only to sell or offer something, but also to build a long-term relationship with those who have opted in to the mailing list. Intrusive advertising, excessive commercial offers or promotional messages from the same sender without any value or personalisation can be discouraging and backfire.

Meaningless messages
Unintelligible, meaningless or poorly formatted emails that are difficult to read or understand, even if opened, are unlikely to attract a new customer or bring back an old one. The success and effectiveness of a newsletter depends on its preparation. Monitor the percentage of emails opened and if the unsubscribe rate increases, change the principles of the mailing (content, design, timing).

Mass mailings without unsubscribe option
Did you know that mailings can be automatically blocked? This happens when the mail service detects that mass and identical mailings are being sent from a particular domain or IP address. It is particularly annoying for recipients if they have no way of unsubscribing from such mailings.

By sending useless emails, the company loses the most important thing - the trust of the users. For a company that is thinking about the future, it is a bad deal to destroy its reputation for the sake of a small profit from such mailings.
Long and boring letters
Overly long or boring emails without a clear purpose or structure are tiring. Writing should be short and clear. Express your thoughts clearly. There is no need to be tricky with catchy headlines, clickbait and excessive use of keywords. To make the text easy and comfortable to read, break it up into paragraphs and use bulleted lists.

It is useful to 'dilute' the text with infographics and videos. Include links to additional information in the email; this will allow you to track clicks and user transitions. The 'air' - the space between paragraphs and graphic content - visually structures the text.

Incorrect reference
Emails with misspelled addresses, misspelled names or other personal information are likely to be spammed. Address the recipient by name. Relevant and personalised emails have a high open rate. And don't forget that the user has to opt-in to receive the newsletter. And, as we wrote above, to be able to unsubscribe easily.

Letters with poorly written or uninteresting content that does not match the interests or expectations of the recipient are detrimental to the company's reputation. The letter should contain information that is useful and interesting to the recipient. Segment your mailing base based on the interests, preferences, demographics and geography of the target audience. Then shape the content of the letter.

Dynamic content allows you to segment your subscriber base without having to create separate campaigns for each segment. This is particularly valuable if you need to make recommendations based on a customer's purchase history. When creating newsletters with dynamic content, integrate CRM with the email newsletter service. Integrating CRM with an email newsletter service allows you to create personalised messages with dynamic content.
Recommended by HLTS
Don't forget to test emails. The subject line of an email is often one of the first parameters of A/B testing. This should be done regularly and systematically. Testing allows you to determine which content options, design and the rest of the content is most appealing and effective.

HLTS co, ltd uses and recommends Naver Mail, one of the most popular email services in South Korea, to its clients when corresponding with South Korean partners. We help foreign companies enter the dynamic Asian market. We advise and create personalised mailings. We track and analyse results: open rate, clickability, average number of clicks, unsubscribe rate. HLTS experts pay special attention to both the content and filling of the mailings sent out, taking into account the mentality and writing style.
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